Types Of Shopping

Types Of Shopping

Shopping! The word itself brings smiles to some and frowns to others. It sets the economy rolling and pockets holing! Shopping is an interaction of buyers with sellers for products which they intend to buythrough various channels.

Basic channels of sale include offline (stores) and online. But,today, online shopping or e-commerce has changed the entire experience, not just for the purchasers but also for the retailers. Add to it, current digitization, makes it imperative for companies to level up their offerings to customers for a seamless shopping experience. Let’s delve on a few aspects of shopping.

One-Stop Shopping

Types of shopping or shopping habits of consumers

So, what are the types of shopping? It’s based on what type of shoppers is out there. Let’s touch upon them to understand the industry:

  • Loyalists: These shoppers are those who know what they want and stand by those brands. Sellers or retailers, constantly strive to get their attention and keep them loyal.
  • Educated:These are ones who are informed about the environmental, ethical and social aspects of shopping and the products. They wouldn’t mind shelling out more for the products, but, normally might buy lesser than an average shopper.
  • Negotiators: These wheel and deal with sellers and enjoy the experience of
  • Bargainers: These shoppers are always on the lookout for deals, sales and utilize every coupon.
  • Impulse buyers: Such customers shop more with their instinct and on the spot rather than considering the pros and cons of making a purchase.


  • Window shoppers or browsers: These shoppers more often examine and evaluate the products for probable purchases, possibly at a later date. They could be customers who have high standards for the commodities or are price conscious.
  • Practical shopper: These are the ones who are pretty precise in what they want, would get more information before making a purchase and stop by many shops before making their final purchase.

Now, let’s go over to the categories of goods which are based on consumer shopping habits.

Over the years, shopping trends, patterns and consumer behaviors and mindsets towards shopping have shifted. More so, in the last 2 years, due to the coronavirus pandemic.Nevertheless, online or offline, shopping seems to be a leisure activity for many which apparently acts as a medium to lower stress levels, lifts your mood and makes up for your exercise.